I don’t know what to write?

I am getting this feeling to write about something. But I can’t think of any topic. Random thoughts are not bubbling today. Hmm possibly because of grave doses of testing I did few minutes back. We need to leave for a dinner tonight. I have not even decided what to wear, hair is still rumpled, nail-paint is cracked and my mind is annoyingly giving up to put things to order. I just want to laze around and enjoy the misty rain outside.

Some serious doses of poems have been written, some random thoughts are put to paper-but today the mind is simply failing. Its not flirting today. I am baffled. A rara avis- me not getting enough fluctuations in brain. May be it has gone on a short break away. Songs are on in the background but I have no clue which one is playing-they are just going on and on. Few downloads are on too but I have no clue what am I downloading.  Fingers are typing and I for a change have no clue what I am gonna write in the next line.

Hmmm may be Fruity deserves a break….what say readers?