Please let me listen

Has it ever happened to you? Your favorite song is playing and you are just deep into it when someone comes and starts talking to you? It happens to me a lot of times. I upload new songs on the iPOD and plan to listen it on my way. But at that time only-either the phone rings, or some (not so)interesting topic comes along and I have to lower the volume.

Sometimes when I am travelling by a bus and listening to nice songs that moment only strangers try to strike a conversation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean they don’t try to strike one when I forget to get iPOD. No- because they only disturb when you’re listening and syncing in with a nice number. The weirdest part is when they poke you and ask you- hey which song are you listening to? Hey backoff how do you care? Even if you know I am not lending you my earphones. So forget it. 😉

It even sometimes happen when I have to watch something interesting on the TV. At that moment only mom has to call, the courier guy has to take my signatures, the phone rings, partner gets mushy! Why god why ?

Please let me listen…. 😉