Of Fashion,irks, music and part 2

Strange title- hmmmm I can’t help it as my brain is ordering me to write on all these varied topics and as time s running out I am blending them in one single post!!!


Well its about the movie Fashion. First things first- film pundits might be calling it Priyanka Chopra’s best till date, but I sincerely felt anyone could have done justic to that role. People who striked the right chords were Kangana Ranaut and Kitu Gidwani. Kangana Ranuat has by far become so convenient to such powerful roles. She does have repetitive sketch but she has handled the role with great sincerity and maturity of a 21 yr old. The movie has extracted the expressions which showcse her journey from a mean super model to a lunatic drug addict. Kitu Gidwani is so dignified and subtle that I feel all actresses specially the ones from OTT TV daily soaps should take lessons from her. 

Madhur Bhandarkar’s movies have always ended with lumps in our throats. This one is an exception. It leaves you with agonizing pain cursing its length and sad melodramatic fashion sequences. Speaking of Fashion shows- the title does not lives up to its standards. Its a story of models sorry ‘Supermodels’ and fashion has nothing to do with it apart from occasional remarks on – avant garde, summer collection, Indira Market et al. What made me laugh real out was character of Raj Babbar. The same guy who doesn’t approves of his daughter’s modelling aspirations is torn when he sees her berserk. He is the same guy who knows fashion world has changed her daughter and still coaxes her to go to the big mean world!! Okay I admit he was supportive and was trying to make her brave-but like that???? Oh c’mon. And then the second laughter came when we saw Priyanka Chopra fully dressed for the fashion show where her parents are also present- I mean OKAY!!! Yeah right!

And why did they had to kill Shonali when she was perfectly on the road to recovery! Was it because Madhur had to give the complete focus to Priyanka? Can’t Shonali be equally made the International supermodel?

Kangna Ranaut is looking killer in the movie. She has the attitude, the mood and the frame to look a supermodel. But I sincerely feel she needs to work real hard on her diction. The way she said -‘congrats’ god I cringed in my chair.

The only person who I felt could have sizzled the character of Meghna (Priyanka Chopra’s) is Bipasha Basu. Man she looks awesome and acts great guns. She was the reason people didn’t notice Deepika Padukone in Bachna Ae Haseeno. Priyanka Chopra is not looking modelling material anywhere. (I have never liked her ever since she was crowned as Miss World which was a big gaffe or fashion faux pas but I am not being biased. I am writing what I genuinely felt)


No this is not about Fashion’s music. Its about music of all Hindi albums that have been releasing these days. I am giving the recipe for average Hindi album here:


One cup of Hinglish lyrics

Mixed spices (Pritam/Himes Baba/Vishal and Shekhar/Shankar Ehsaan and Loy) (I mean whatever happened to Jatin, Lalit, Nadeem Shravans -eh!!!)

One cup of Hinglish Lyrics (small town girl, desi girl, Tandooori Nights) – yes this ingredient is repeated and to be used for marination and sauce as well!!!

A pinch of Mohit Chauhan, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, Labh Janjua, Hard Kaur, Mika, Shreya Ghoshal (I mean whatever happened to Udit narayans, shaan, Alka Yagnik, Kavita krishnamoorthy and all)

Leftovers of remixed songs of same versions titled – tiger style, lounge mix, RD Style, yeh style, woh style, sabka style

Drizzle of some rap by Labh Janjua and why not Snoop Dogg


Mix all the ingredients together in a blender till it comes out in the shape of a CD. Garnish it with a 100 fold something CD Cover and add hawwwwtt images of heroines and even heroes in bare nothing essentials in a hope this might promote the album.

The dish is ready to serve and to be enjoyed on streets in cars of some dudes who have serious hearing disabilities or some other dudes & dudettes who have some strange organ deformities in their ears and supported by a device called iPOD!!!!


  1. I mean seriously what is irking me most these days is – have I not mentioned boldly everywhere (Facebook, Orkut, blogs and every where I am networkingly active -that I am married!!!!!). Guys don’t you have self respect!!!!!! May be I should have sent you my wedding invitation to make you believe yes I AM MARRIED!!
  2. My fingers thrust inside my palms when I hear some random person specially a dork friend (point one to be read in conjugation with this point) I had back in school or college ages ago saying – Hi kya ho raha hai Yaar!! Yaar- me? Oh yeah right-specially when I can’t even remember your face and having you as my classmate yeah go ahead have liberties and call me yaar. Gosh I hate this word.
  3. The lovely long list of spam comments on wordpress. Akismet- you’re not doing such a great job you know. 200+ spam comments ranging from russian brides to investments solutions to adwares to softwares to pervertwares!! We have all in our spam roll.


No there is no part 2 for Closer Closure. And yes machaa– Mohit has been there in my other story as well. He is a dork and trust me a bigger one that too in real life! Amit – sorry dear I am not talking about your cousin and even if I do I don’t know what is he doing with Maya 😉

The story ends here only. I am not sure if it genuinely calls for part 2. For me the story is real and something that I feel will happen sometimes in real life few years down the lane. I want you to wish Dia peace of mind.


I want to say three cheers to Avant Garde Awards Blogging team for a spectacular work they are doing. Its a great effort and a personal thank to Poonam. You are a rockstar! All the best for the D-day…..

The sun is gorgeous today. Probably will relax and see some DVDs. Oh yeah by the way New Zealand went to poll yesterday and John Key is the new Prime Minister. Helen Clarke is out after 9 long years of being Prime Minister. I voted for John Key too (my first ever vote in life….). Lets see what he has in store for us in the current global financial crisis. One thing which I am happy and content about is he is pretty serious about Global Warming and is planning to reduce NZ’s fair share to it by a whooping 50%..Kudoz and all the best….

Okay I am done here. I was planning to make Aam ka achaar (Mango pickle)today  but I don’t think I will be able to do that as there is no fennel (saunf) (hubby dear loves saunf and mukhwaas- he devours all of them in one go!!). Gosh I miss India, I would have to just get out of the house and get it from the local general store. But yeah..I am stuck….

Au Revoir….

Brand Factory- who me?? Kiddin’ me?

Well Nikhil tagged me on this one ages ago but as I was battling with my own inner thoughts this got delayed and today I thought about finishing this one to be cheerful enough for the evening- we have my firm’s 90 years of celebration Mid Winter Ball at the Sky City Grand Hotel! The dress code is elegant wear with twist of 1920s and I am donning myself in a designer hatler neck Rosewood Gown and chandalier earrings-quite perplexed!

The idea is simple. Take any day in your life and chart out all the brands you have used. I am a brand conscious person and I am not!- Confused-you bet…I believe in buying branded things which are vital like-my eyewear or jeans or shoes but for small things like tops and jewellery I am not so much conscious as I can buy stuff straight outof flea market….

Here it goes..


Glister Toothpaaste, Body Shop, Palmolive Naturals, Bausch and Lomb- I can’t see anything without them…, Carlton London, Titan, Gilli, Elizabeth Arden, Chambor, Wrangler, Narcisso Rodriguez and Lancome…yes am a cosmetic and fragrances freak and Naricsso is my favorite smell to wear! Its divine! 🙂





Xs Energy Drink-yes with the amount of work piling up these days…..I need it, Subway and Starbucks for lunch, Dell and iPOD- if I don’t plug in my music I’ll sleep on the keyboard for sure…..3M and Office Max supplies keep me organized with frequent calls on my Nokia phone from my hubby…

EVENING SESSION- Reunion of love strucks

Evenings are electornically dominated- with both of us checking emails, making long calls to India, me cooking, watching movies on our 50 inch plasma which I am quite proud of ! 😀 Blogging is a must……and then catching up with crazy pals on gtalk/Facebook and Orkut by throwing interesting status messages everyday!!!! Syncing my iPOD in the background~~~hubby coaxing me to eat nutriway pills and then hiting the sack!! Prepare for another day, another gruelling session with techical documents, ramblings of mind with vocabulary and vainly rejecting drawings in name of Quality Control!


Signing Off ~**~

Ok folks am off to plaster my face with some good face masks I got and also apply a wicked deep berry nailpaint -its pampering day-wish me luck- I wanna dazzle tonight at the ball……..watch out this space for my experience there…..and yes we are planning a skiing trip next week and then South Island trip in August so please pray that no one jinxes a much needed holiday I need for my depressed sagging spirits…………

And before I forget- I pass this tag to Abhinav which is gonna be his first tag post ever -I am giving the nasty soul some work to do apart from sending me annoying mails round the day and labelling me Neera ki choti behen- I am not 😦  You’re BP!

Parents killed daughter????

I have been following this case closely on the newspapers….and I have even visited the community dedicated to a vivacious 14 yr old girl.. And am shocked and my heart has shrunked to know her father killed her!

Am gonna add more here….just added randomly……..



Few more days have passed and I am regularly reading articles on this case. I was teary eyed when I read about Aarushi in her facebook group- RIP Aarushi. A girl who was about to celebrate her birthday on the 25th May in a plush pub in Noida. What intrigues me and that too in a negative way is the manner in which an innocent persona of a 14 year old girl is tarnished by the UP Police? Did they had any proof to support behind the murder motive that they have been advertising in media? Linking a smart mature 14 year old girl to her 45 year old domestic servant shouldn’t have been made public without any strong proof. I was so deeply anguished when I heard reports and comments about the phrase ‘objectionable’? What is the definition of objectionable? Even if a girl is found hugging anybody- a friend even then also she is straight away seen as of low character? What century are we living in? Its the same media, same moral police who bans people from celebrating V-day by vandalizing Archie Galleries? Its the same UP Police that takes money from young couples if they are found walking in hand in hand in parks?Tarnishing any female’s image is quickest way the police or the law has ever had. How can we forget Jessica Lal? But this case actually made me angry for its the question of honor of a very young girl. Reading about her profile and community details and observing an average 14 year old- I can say that this isn’t the case. Aarushi is a victim of upper middle class busy parents- who dotingly declare their love by pampering their kids by giving them laptops, iPODs and high tech mobiles but not enough time. She represents the cool cream of school life with different lingos and different mindset. Another important issue is the manner in which her classmate’s name has been openly published in newspapers. Did they ever care about the stress and rambling that poor kid must be going through right now (Statistics are showing that leading psychiatrists are getting calls from young children after this case )?

On what basis is the police claiming that the case has been cracked-when its current members weren’t even able to locate the old servant’s body on the same house’s terrace????? What kind of investigation team was there? A retired UP Police officer asked to open the terrace for investigation when few hours earlier the police had declared a paltry sum of Rs.20,000 for any information (should now be given to the retired officer ??????). Well how can the Talwars and the common public trust this police- the same guys behind the massacre in the Nithari? The Pandher guy is Scott free enjoying his foreign liquor with paid escort service and nibbling on human flesh somewhere out there? There are so so many loopholes yet to be cracked- did the father actually killed his daughter? If yes, why the mother is still supporting him? Did the father- mother actually conspired to kill their only child, if yes then why????????????????? How did the sotry of affair between the Talwar and Durrani brew up and it is not still a possibility?Where are the murder weapons? Why the police is still not able to trace the cell phones of both deceased? Why the police came out with a press conference without solid proofs? Why Aarushi’s friends name are given to the media?

There are so many whys and no answers. Poor Aarushi wouldn’t have imgined this kind of gift and label of being characterless at age 15 in her dreams. She has hope because few women organization have come up actively saying its wrong to tarnish her image without any iota of proof/truth.

I am so disturbed and anguished with the whole way this case is shaping up. The family and friends are not being even given time to mourn the demise of a young chirpy vivacious girl who is thank god no more to hear such atrocities about her now that she has gone.

May her soul finds peace and reborns somewhere where sanity still prevails!


Chapter of Life


Scene 1

A young 14 year old girl is hooked onto TV watching Shahrukh Khan selling almost everything on TV. Her cell beeps and she reads the SMS and laughs at the non veg joke (explicit content suppressed). She calls back the sender and chats for one hour repeatedly repeating the phrase- ‘aur batao’ (tell me more). The talk gets over after saying bye bye take care for umpteenth number of times and blowing kisses with the sound of Muuuaaahhhhh. The words angel, baby, honey, jaanu, sweetz dominate the whole call and sound like a refrain from a soft romantic ballad. The call finishes and the girl looks at the TV once again wherein SRK again is cheering his boys in the IPL arena of glamour cricket (where everything is a BRAND).


Scene 2

The young 14 year old girl goes to her room and slips into her Nike PJ and plugs onto her iPOD listening to High School Musical 2 OST and glares at the larger than life posters plastered on her wall. She opens her lappy logs onto Facebook and sends a cool new poster on Super wall to all her 209 friends in her network. She smiles at the new Superlatives given to her by her boyfriend. She sees him online at the moment on Gtalk with the rad status message –‘Nobody dies a virgin life f**** you in many ways’. She tells him the message is so cool and then again the repeated act of bye byes and take care begins now armed with emoticons.


Scene 3

The young 14 year old girl gets up in the morning picks her Pepe Jeans London bag and wears her Nike shoes and shoves up the Nokia N72 in the inside pocket of the bag and runs for the car. The chauffeur opens the door and she sits insides throwing her bag and grabbing the remote. She reaches school and kisses her friends and yells- ‘hey how you doin’, ‘wassup mate’.




Scene 1

A young 14 year old girl is hooked onto cleaning the dining table hearing Sahrukh Khan (sic). She sings ‘Jaanam Dekh Lo mit gai duriyaa main yahaan hu……..yaha’. She hears a shrill voice from the other room and hears a faint voice to bring ice cream for her. She quickly leaves the table and prepares big bowl of ice cream and pours chocolate syrup at the top and resists the saliva on her tongue to grab a big spoonful of the delight in front of her misty eyes. She takes a bite from the melting drop from the rim of the bowl and closes her eyes for a second.


Scene 2

The young 14 year old girl goes to the kitchen and lies on the mattress and switches on the FM listening to new Himesh Rehammiya number and glares at the roof while imagining her in the song. She gets up and looks herself in the mirror. She looks at her long never ending braid and the weird curve in the end where her rubber band was tied. She opened it and moved her fingers through her hair and started singing ‘Jhooth Naiyo Bolna’. She smiles at her little jig and goes back to the mattress fully conscious of the fact that she had to get up early next morning to iron the uniform and make the breakfast.


Scene 3

The young 14 year old girl gets up at the shrill voice of the pretentious Mrs. Kapoor and runs to the kitchen. She switches on the swanky LG Cooking range and heads for the Nirlep non stick pan to cook breakfast. She runs for the car. The chauffeur opens the door and she gives the lunch box to the young 14 year old girl. She curses her and annoyingly takes it and starts fiddling with the remote control. The young 14 year old girl goes to the market to get groceries and meets her other likes. She smiles and yells- ‘Hello didi I am going to my gaon (village) for diwali ’.





We could be either of the two girls- but we would always wish to be the former girl not the latter-but they are both happy and content. But-Life is not equal. It’s different for you, me and others. Some are blessed with more some are blessed with few.  Life is beautiful. It’s a one time encounter for you, me and others. Some live it to the fullest and some keep cursing and ruin the beauty of it. Life gives moments to smile, to cry, to laugh, to curse, to swear, to enjoy- what do we give back to the life? We know and meet several people who are in much sad situations than ours-still our life seems more complex. I have seen little boys in rural areas enjoying the dip in the rivulets sporting a big grin on their face and there sometimes I am cursing if there’s a power shortage in the summers. May be we need to learn how to live from them. I learnt a lesson from life and this is just a Chapter of Life. There may be many more, from all people who walk into my life and thoughts from all spheres of world.

Please let me listen

Has it ever happened to you? Your favorite song is playing and you are just deep into it when someone comes and starts talking to you? It happens to me a lot of times. I upload new songs on the iPOD and plan to listen it on my way. But at that time only-either the phone rings, or some (not so)interesting topic comes along and I have to lower the volume.

Sometimes when I am travelling by a bus and listening to nice songs that moment only strangers try to strike a conversation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean they don’t try to strike one when I forget to get iPOD. No- because they only disturb when you’re listening and syncing in with a nice number. The weirdest part is when they poke you and ask you- hey which song are you listening to? Hey backoff how do you care? Even if you know I am not lending you my earphones. So forget it. 😉

It even sometimes happen when I have to watch something interesting on the TV. At that moment only mom has to call, the courier guy has to take my signatures, the phone rings, partner gets mushy! Why god why ?

Please let me listen…. 😉