Aamir – a rare gem

Blogosphere has been mushrooming with reviews on Sarkar Raj. These days bloggers are giving their verdict on Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na/Thoda Pyaar thoda Magic/Love Story 2050.

I was earlier regular at posting my reviews on latest movies I saw. But I discontinued it to reasons unknown to me too….but this movie- this rare gem made me write a dedicated post..

Aamir is a tight thriller about a muslim guy Aamir who is welcomed by strangers thrusting a mobile phone in his hand at the airport. His life shifts onto the top gear and his medical profession takes a backseat in order to save his family. He is brainwashed to become a real Musallman. Aamir was released on 6th of June alongwith Sarkar Raj. The producers took a big gamble considering the fact that this movie doesn’t boasts of a start studded caste. The film’s crew, caste, director(Raj Kumar Gupta)-all are debutantes. It takes a lot of courage to compete against the stalwarts of cinema- the BACHCHANS.

A must watch

A must watch

I saw Sarkar Raj first and then Aamir. As much as I was disappointed with Sarkar Raj I was shaken by Aamir- so much so the movie gave me goosebumps and I had eaten half my nails by the climax. The movie explores so much..the scenes are actual shots taken in Mumbai street and the characters in the background are real people with real emotions. The plethora of emotions showed by Rajeev Khandelwal almost shocked me. I am aware of his acting prowess but this movie is like a jewel in his crown. The background score is in sync with the movie and so is the cinematography. The movie doesn’t looses at grips anywhere. Though I have read few critics sying – that no reason has been given by the script as to why Aamir was the chosen one. I feel there was no need howsoever to show a reason. The movie openly explores the spirit of being a sacha musalman. Why for the sake of religion the whole community is labelled as traitor? Why do we not call Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan or Salman Khan or Irfan Pathan a musalmaan every time we see them on screen. Why do we love the bhajans written by Javed Akhtar and give him National award for penning Pal Pal hai bhari from Swades? I know people who are still not comfortable with sharing the same table with a muslim. This same issue was shown in the only good story RICE PLATE in Dus Kahaniyaan. Aamit tell us that we can make our own destiny….but it can get ruined too in the name of a concept that doesn’t occurs to us- RELIGION. Aamir Ali studies hard and gets scholarship and goes to London. He is a victim like many of us who haven’t got admission in management/engineering/medical thanks to the reservation system and yet fought and emerged successfully as a good doctor(will tell you about my story later……)

The movie doesn’t lets your mind boggle with these ethical or religious questions while watching..but it leaves you with a big question when it ends. Aamir becomes Aamir in the end – the chosen leader…he shows he is a follower of islam and follows his heart. I wouldn’t say it’s a thriller-because cheap churn outs like Woodstock Villa are also labelled as thriller. Aamir is a beauty- a dark beauty that makes you sit and realize the real power Cinema beacons. Its a coincidence that the movie is namesake of another actor who has realized this power and canvassed it in form of another gem- Taare Zameen Par. The songs are nice- specially ha Raham (Mehfuz) -its too good..I can listen to it back to back.

Somewhere I am at fault for not writing this earlier and not doing my bit of mouth publicity. I take full responsibility and apologize for my behavior and hereby ask my readers to take one and a half hour of their life and see this master piece.

I am proud of Aamir’s team. And kudoz to them for having the courage to launch it…….and kudoz to Rajeev for not having a Yash Chopra like romantic film as his debut platform. You’ve got guts dude…..all the best.


Uncanny lyrics make TASHAN groovy

I downloaded TASHAN’s OST to the iPOD three weeks back. I am a major Vishal-Shekhar afficiando and TASHAN leaves no doubts on the devotion. I AM A FAN OF ITS LYRICS.

DIL HAARA- I just love the music arrangement here. Its so groovy and heart pulsating that all the corners of the heart go thump thump….. 🙂 The crooning by Sukhwinder is applaudable and specially from me as I don’t think of him as a great singer because of his repetitive singing style. But Vishal and Shekhar have explored his singing histronics to the very details. Listen to him in the end piece of the song. Listen on full volume. You’ll never feel like coming out of its black loop. The starting though made me wonder oh is it gonna be another of Sukhwinder’s boring rendition? The chorus hooooooooooooooowhhoo is awesome. (Teaser’s clip). Imagine the lyrics Chappan taare tod naach lu, tabadtod naach lu….too good.

Chhaliya- The song opens at a brilliant note. It sounds chic and naughty. No wonder its been chosen for Kareena herself to flaunt her I don’t think 😀 so Size 0 figure. She looks malnutritioned and I think she looks really bad. She has got a truly punjabi body frame and should stick to a bit extra pound silhouette to look great like she did in Jab We Met. The song looses completely in middle. Though I keep wondering at the exceptionally chosen lyrics. My fav part is the beginning of the song.

Dil Dance Maare-Ok move sideways people. Here’s raising a toast to V&S for a new found hit. Dil Dance Maare is the new Kajrare or Deewangi Deewangi. The lyrics are a strange mix of hindi, enlish, hinglish and even bhojpuri. White white face dekhe, dil vo beating fast, dil vo sasure chance maare re!!!!!!! Can you imagine a song like this? O GOD..its ostentatious in all positive ways. It grows on you. Although I didn’t liked it at the first go but now I love it. Its hilarious and Udit, Sukhwinder and Sunidhi sound having a ball. The harmonium tune reminds me of 70s.

Falak Tak- Another of my fav after Dil Haara. I hope the video turns out great. Its the sole love ballad in the album. The opening is average Yash Chopra number. The combo of Udit and Mahalaxmi is awesome. The lyrics are beautiful. The imaginative love ballad is beautiful and the music arrangement is good. The dholak sound is good. I love it solely because of the poetry.

Tashan mein Vishal has teamed with Salim to churn out this title track. Though the bits and pieces of song remind me of Omkaara’s title track. Its a typical V&S number and I love the intelude. Its peppy. But nothing in comparision to title tracks of Cash, Dus or Bluffmaster.

The intro sessions of all 4 characters- My fav is bhaiyyaji ka tashan and bachchan pandey ka tashan.I however didn’t liked Jimmy Ka tashan. Sounds typical Saif. Pooja Ka tashan is average.

I love Dil Haara and Falak tak.

And after my Saawariya‘s loooooooong and never ending review- I still have one thing to say-I love Saawariya’s title track. Its intoxicating. Please listen to it once and feel its depth.



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I haven’t yet seen it. As soon as I see refer the movie section of my blog!

Jodhaa Akbar-the review

I saw Jodhaa Akbar on 16th February as a valentine gift. We had a late night show to attend so we took our dinner and walked to the Sky City for the 1950 hour show.

Before going for any critial review I’d like to remember the past few historical Hindi movies in recent past…………….aaahhh can’t recollect.
I was waiting for Jodhaa Akbar ever since Diwali last year. Not because I am a Hrithik or Aish buff-I was just inquisitive about how Ashutosh will handle the hatke (unique) concept of history-a story that is real, controversial and not a huge box office magnet! I read the reviews on net on Friday. The Times of India review (2.5 stars!!)by Nikhat Kazmi was too critical and made me sure indeed watching it over saturday night is going to be a bad idea. The IBN Live review by Rajeev Masand was glorific (read 4.5 stars). I was as confused as a kid at the ice cream parlour.

Well I made up my mind to see the movie on my own and then decide. The movie started with beautiful warfare scene. It was small in length but surely dropped off the hint of the spectacular 213 minutes all of us (some Kiwis included) were about to witness. The look of the movie was just right, the background score-perfect. I simply loved the charater sketches etched out by Ashutosh. The scenes between Hrithik and Aish were simple and stand true even in this century. The arranged marriage done for two kings’ alliance-the insecurity, the religion differences, the rites & customs, the fears of yound bride on first night-they all stand testimony to the fact that no controversy was required whatsoever because even if its fiction-its an imagination far better than some glitzy romance a la Yash Chopra.

The scene where Hrithik does the sword fighting with beads of sweat slipping down his bare torso to impress his wife impress the audience too. And again the scene which impressed is wherein the newly married Akbar is being asked by his courtiers not to allow the hindu Jodhaa to have a temple. The moment wherein all the discussion is going on- one hears Bhajan (hymn) being sung i nthe background. The moment is brilliant as per direction point of view. Then again the scene where Jodhaa Akbar do sword fighting-it simply captures your heart and the little comic dialogues by Hrithik make you smile( yeah does remind of the fact you don’t need an enemy if you’re married!).

Although I do feel few scenes could have been well edited- like the mad elephant taming scene. They just added length to the movie and were little boring.

The music blends with the movie very smoothly. The Khwaja mere khwaja song is mesmerizing. You get soaked into it just like Akbar. The Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah song is beautifully directed and the dancers have done a job very well done. No wonder these two songs now rank in the most played list in the iPOD.

Aishwary looks every bit of royal princess. But I do feel she is not given many dialogues especially any strong ones. The jewellery, costumes, cinematography, war scenes- everything was good. And thing thats the winner is the subtle chemistry between Aish and Hrithik.

But offocurse if you go on ahead and compare it with Troy- you’ll be disheartened (Are you listening you negative critics like Nikhat Kazmi). Few people just can’t get out of their Interntional league and accept that even one step is tremendous in a positive direction. I tell this thing to people who criticize Roshans for giving us our first superhero- Krrish. I personally am not a fan of this movie but still proud of it in my own way (when people criticize Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag- I am more than pleased).

Alright I hear you- the movie is lengthy but then is it so bad to be written away. Its not. I know there are so many of you out there who have predecided in their mind not to watch it because someone told them its long or they read some partial review.

So I ‘d like to request go and watch it with open mind and I am sure you’ll like it. I am proud of it-proud of the team.

I hope we keep churning out more flicks like these unlike factory churn outs like- Yash Chopra (you don’t know how angry I was after watching neal ‘n’ nikki).

Lets hope!