Closure closer

Maya was not hearing the sounds, she was listening only to her heart and the echoes that pronged in her sonorous ears. She looked into the fog and saw Dia’s smiling face fading into the white fog. She could hear Dia calling her but the voice also faded with her lips.

Before anyone could take Maya away from the echoes and the fog, she wanted to tell Dia- how much proud she was of her and that she did care about her. Time was gone and may be it was too late.

Mohit came and took her away to the next room. She kept looking at his face and wondered-had she been unfair to Dia, did she thought about her as much as she could? She wanted to talk to her and ask her about her anxieties.

She remembered Dia’s words – you will surely miss me some day! She went out and tried to look at her things which she had left before leaving home. There were not too many things as Maya had already given them to her nieces. She found a bag in the last shelf of her almirah which had greeting cards Dia had created. She missed her warmth and affection which was seeping out through those sweet wordings she had written on them.

It was getting dark and Mohit had to go back. He came to Maya and said he will phone her later.

Maya was left there with echoes and fog. She did realize she was unfair to her and didn’t value her smile. She always thought of her smile as a comforting indicator telling she was fine. She felt guilty of not looking behind that smile and understand the real Dia and how much pain she had in her heart. She felt guilty of not hugging her at the time when she wanted one. She felt guilty of not smiling with her when she wanted it. She felt guilty of not telling her she was not alone. She felt guilty of not filling the vacuum that was left in her life.

Time was gone and may be it was too late.

But I know he doesn’t

Love blossomed and I knew it was meant to be,
He too knew this was what he ever wanted to be,
He says he knows me,
I know he doesn’t,
He says he can read my mind,
But I know he doesn’t
I know he doesn’t
 For if he knew- he would feel how much I love,
Its blooming like lillies with silent passion,
For if he knew- how it hurts me too,
Its paining me ever with silent torture
But I know he doesn’t
I know he doesn’t
He knows the song in my heart so is his claim,
Little he knows the pure hymns of his name,
He says he knows the dreamy dreams I see,
But not about the real life where there was he,
But I know he doesn’t
I know he doesn’t
 Now that I’ll be long gone I hope he reads this,
And know that its him that I am writing,
And if he now understands the signs,
Tell him I knew it -but,
I know he doesn’t
I know he doesn’t