6 words got me back from hibernation

Vishesh tagged me on 6 word one ages ago….but sorry Vishesh I was genuinely busy….had my company’s ball,then we hadda 4 day celebrations for my dearest hubby’s birthday on the 3rd….we took a trip to Skiing field but couldn’t ski as it snowed a lot…..but nevertheless my friends buried me alive in the thick snow….and then I did the daring act of Black Water rafting ….I swear if I had the slightest clue about what was in store in the 60 ft deep cave underneath I’d have not even dreamt about it. I got drowned twice….lost my lenses and hence my vision but saw the glow worms glittering in total random darkness…it was an experience of a life time…I was glad having my life partner behind me holding me and taking care of me in that situation…I was blind, cold and numb…….his cold hands gave me a uniquely wonderful warmth all while…I love you angel- Thanks for being there as ALWAYS…..I love you the most!!

Buried alive...

Buried alive...


Well back to Vishesh’s…all I have to do for this one is write 6 words! D And it has taken foreverrrrrrr..

Here I am summed up in 6 words..6 being my lucky number..

  1. Gullible
  2. Giggles
  3. Gentle
  4. Creative
  5. Moody
  6. ?

I leave the 6th one for all who by pass this blog or know me….give me the last one………

I pass this one to Abhinav and Abhimanyu…..will miss you once you guys are gone…hope you get an offer soon..

All the best…..

PS. I am now active again..back from hibernation mode…gonna reply to pending comments, and pending blogs written by fellow bloggers…

Thanks Abhimanyu for the wonderful post on the trip’s memories….have added its link here….

Brand Factory- who me?? Kiddin’ me?

Well Nikhil tagged me on this one ages ago but as I was battling with my own inner thoughts this got delayed and today I thought about finishing this one to be cheerful enough for the evening- we have my firm’s 90 years of celebration Mid Winter Ball at the Sky City Grand Hotel! The dress code is elegant wear with twist of 1920s and I am donning myself in a designer hatler neck Rosewood Gown and chandalier earrings-quite perplexed!

The idea is simple. Take any day in your life and chart out all the brands you have used. I am a brand conscious person and I am not!- Confused-you bet…I believe in buying branded things which are vital like-my eyewear or jeans or shoes but for small things like tops and jewellery I am not so much conscious as I can buy stuff straight outof flea market….

Here it goes..


Glister Toothpaaste, Body Shop, Palmolive Naturals, Bausch and Lomb- I can’t see anything without them…, Carlton London, Titan, Gilli, Elizabeth Arden, Chambor, Wrangler, Narcisso Rodriguez and Lancome…yes am a cosmetic and fragrances freak and Naricsso is my favorite smell to wear! Its divine! 🙂





Xs Energy Drink-yes with the amount of work piling up these days…..I need it, Subway and Starbucks for lunch, Dell and iPOD- if I don’t plug in my music I’ll sleep on the keyboard for sure…..3M and Office Max supplies keep me organized with frequent calls on my Nokia phone from my hubby…

EVENING SESSION- Reunion of love strucks

Evenings are electornically dominated- with both of us checking emails, making long calls to India, me cooking, watching movies on our 50 inch plasma which I am quite proud of ! 😀 Blogging is a must……and then catching up with crazy pals on gtalk/Facebook and Orkut by throwing interesting status messages everyday!!!! Syncing my iPOD in the background~~~hubby coaxing me to eat nutriway pills and then hiting the sack!! Prepare for another day, another gruelling session with techical documents, ramblings of mind with vocabulary and vainly rejecting drawings in name of Quality Control!


Signing Off ~**~

Ok folks am off to plaster my face with some good face masks I got and also apply a wicked deep berry nailpaint -its pampering day-wish me luck- I wanna dazzle tonight at the ball……..watch out this space for my experience there…..and yes we are planning a skiing trip next week and then South Island trip in August so please pray that no one jinxes a much needed holiday I need for my depressed sagging spirits…………

And before I forget- I pass this tag to Abhinav which is gonna be his first tag post ever -I am giving the nasty soul some work to do apart from sending me annoying mails round the day and labelling me Neera ki choti behen- I am not 😦  You’re BP!