Smearing Birthday Cake on Face

I am going to share something that pesters me a lot on birthdays – mine or someone else’s as well.

Its the not-so fun ritual of applying cake all over the birthday person’s face just after he/she cuts it. Someone just cuts a big sliver slyly and applies it all over the face sudenly – I mean for gags like this don’t we Indians have a perfect festival called Holi?



I mean why why why waste an awesome cake by applying it on the face????????????????

Reasons why I am totally against this are:

1. My parents always taught the importance of having food in our lives. Whenever I have declined to drink milk or eat my fruits I have been reminded gently of how fortunate I am to have the luxury of enjoying my meals.

2. My dad specially always told me one thing which I still remember clearly. He told me that if we waste food in our life, we have to pick it up from our eyelashes in hell. I was always scared of this as the visual itself is quite scary so I try my best to never wastefood.

3. We are very fortunate to have the luxury of cutting cake and celebrate birthday in grandeur style so why waste in name of a not so funny gag. 😦

4. It spoils the floor/carpet. The poor birthday person/host spends hours and hours to cook and tidy up the house before the party and the gag just makes it messy.

5. If you have to go out somewhere straight after the gag, the quick wash doesn’t clears the smell of cream and eggs from your face,hands, neck and most important your hair. (Happened to me on my 20th, I went out for lunch after my friends smeared cake in large chunks all over me and the smell just refused to go and unfortuantely I had second party in the evening and the smell of eggs and cream made me nauseous)

6. In my case, I generally make birthday cakes for people who are special to my heart and if someone attempts to do the gag with my labour of 6-7 hours man I will be disappointed. 😦

While we are on the topic of cakes, on my bro’s 9th birthday I sat on his cake! And yeah offcourse by mistake…the power went off…he was very angry; well obviously 😉 and my grand dad went out and after lots of efforts finally found a new cake from a bakery!!!

People think I am too uptight when I show my disapproval for this gag, they think I am too sophisticated and killjoy to enjoy the fun behind the gag. To me its plain silliness and lack of maturity.

What do you think? Is it really fun to do this or am I really being too uptight and killjoy?