Brand Factory- who me?? Kiddin’ me?

Well Nikhil tagged me on this one ages ago but as I was battling with my own inner thoughts this got delayed and today I thought about finishing this one to be cheerful enough for the evening- we have my firm’s 90 years of celebration Mid Winter Ball at the Sky City Grand Hotel! The dress code is elegant wear with twist of 1920s and I am donning myself in a designer hatler neck Rosewood Gown and chandalier earrings-quite perplexed!

The idea is simple. Take any day in your life and chart out all the brands you have used. I am a brand conscious person and I am not!- Confused-you bet…I believe in buying branded things which are vital like-my eyewear or jeans or shoes but for small things like tops and jewellery I am not so much conscious as I can buy stuff straight outof flea market….

Here it goes..


Glister Toothpaaste, Body Shop, Palmolive Naturals, Bausch and Lomb- I can’t see anything without them…, Carlton London, Titan, Gilli, Elizabeth Arden, Chambor, Wrangler, Narcisso Rodriguez and Lancome…yes am a cosmetic and fragrances freak and Naricsso is my favorite smell to wear! Its divine! 🙂





Xs Energy Drink-yes with the amount of work piling up these days…..I need it, Subway and Starbucks for lunch, Dell and iPOD- if I don’t plug in my music I’ll sleep on the keyboard for sure…..3M and Office Max supplies keep me organized with frequent calls on my Nokia phone from my hubby…

EVENING SESSION- Reunion of love strucks

Evenings are electornically dominated- with both of us checking emails, making long calls to India, me cooking, watching movies on our 50 inch plasma which I am quite proud of ! 😀 Blogging is a must……and then catching up with crazy pals on gtalk/Facebook and Orkut by throwing interesting status messages everyday!!!! Syncing my iPOD in the background~~~hubby coaxing me to eat nutriway pills and then hiting the sack!! Prepare for another day, another gruelling session with techical documents, ramblings of mind with vocabulary and vainly rejecting drawings in name of Quality Control!


Signing Off ~**~

Ok folks am off to plaster my face with some good face masks I got and also apply a wicked deep berry nailpaint -its pampering day-wish me luck- I wanna dazzle tonight at the ball…… out this space for my experience there…..and yes we are planning a skiing trip next week and then South Island trip in August so please pray that no one jinxes a much needed holiday I need for my depressed sagging spirits…………

And before I forget- I pass this tag to Abhinav which is gonna be his first tag post ever -I am giving the nasty soul some work to do apart from sending me annoying mails round the day and labelling me Neera ki choti behen- I am not 😦  You’re BP!

Fruity’s Foody Folklore

As honored as am I for being tagged and labelled 😦 at the same time (tagged for the post and labelled as senile) I share with my fellow blog surfers the latest tag by Guruji…..this entails questions related to food……….Food- aah something that has bothered me every time my dad and mom gave a close look at me while I gulped my plate of so called nutritious lentils and carbs or cereal !!!! Food- something that has disturbed me from studying or blogging at the shout of-Dinner’s ready!!! Food- aah something that depresses me when I watch news on World Food Crisis….Did I hear you say Italian- now that’s a different territory!!! Italian-aaah something I can devour day and night and can eat 365 or odd 366 days…….Italian- godly preparation…….that melts in my mind even before it enters my mouth!!! Slurp slurp!!!

Coming back from my vindictive imagination- here goes the tag!!!!

1. What’s your favorite table?

Ummmm the corner side table in Barista. My life took a complete paradigm shift from that table. Also the table at Ruby’s Tuesdays and Fortune Platters!!! Love bites exchanged !! 😉

2. What would you have for your last supper?

OMG!!! Last Supper? Ah reminds me to book a painter to paint the modern rendition of Last Supper (featuring the goddess- ME in between 😀 enjoying food). The menu should comprise of this:

Entrée– Pasta Main Course – Pasta Dessert- Tiramisu….umm with some Pasta!!!!! baaahhhhhhhhh 😀

Now I am craving for Pasta…..haaayyyeee 😦

3. What’s your poison?

Aah good question- my poison as clearly indicated above is Pasta (Penne in Bolognese Sauce to be precise!!!!)……… I also love Dark Chocolate cake and Rajma Rice….ummmmmmmmmm did I say Gol Gappes tooo???? 😀 Labelling it poison because its a deadly food that sways my mind with bad bouts of craving…….addicted to it…

4. Name your three desert island ingredients.

Vegetarian, Low Fat and Not Spicy is the key to my food!!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

5. What would you put in Room 101?


6. Which book gets you cooking?

What are you saying??????? No book can get me cooking…….my instincts are more than sufficient…Peeps tell me I am a good chef! You may see my book in future some time that can get you cooking!! How’s that for an answer?????? 🙂

7. What’s your dream dinner party line up?

Ooooh groovy mind flirting now……. okiess here goes- Me (baah), my closed family members, my friends, my kingdom, my workers, my bankers, my debtors, my fans, my secretaries (yes plural), my favorite singers for live entertainment!!!!!


8. What was your childhood teatime treat?

Ummmmm hot hot bowl of Maggie, Hot chocolate milk followed by some chocolate or toffees dad usually got every evening!!!!

9. What was your most memorable meal?

Hmmmmm first time when my in laws came to meet me..I was petrified……….first time I felt underconfident and cried oceans before entering living room…. I had cooked Kadahi Paneer which my mom thought to be Chilly Paneer and added her own bits of ingredients….it turned out to be something else…….tasting funny but graciously enjoyed by my in laws!!! 🙂

10. What was your biggest food disaster?

HAHAHAHA nice anecdote goes here…we(Cousins and I) once went to a cousin’s birthday party and one Aunt forced us to eat some MITHAI MAGIC that was launched recently. We were very reluctant to eat it but she kept pushing us… we took a piece and I took the first bite with a puky feeling. It tasted horrible…aunt turned to another aunty to offer and meanwhile I threw the piece under the bed….my cousins followed the suit……..!!!!!!! She came again and offered us her horrible version of Pao Bhaaji (recipe taken by my mom) and again pushed us…….no need to mention the pao bhaaji also went under the bed!!!! We didn’t speak to her or went to her home for quite long knowing she would have seen the stuff next day while cleaning!!!


11. What’s the worst meal you’ve ever had?

SUSHI Sushi SuShi…… I hate Sushi!!! 😦

12. Your food hero/food villian?

Food hero- Ummm a nicely baked dish of Lasagne with lots of mushrooms and Spinach………..yummmmmmmmmmaaaa

Food Villain- Ummmmmmm a glass of milk !!! Villain because it always created fights between me and mom…….Yuukkkkk hated it when she used to stand in front of me with a yukky glass of milk first thing in the morning!! 😦

13. Nigella or Delia?

Aaaiyyo why forget our Padmalaksmi? Heheheh well I don’t care…….

14. Vegetarians: genius or madness?

To each his/her own…I can’t say much as I am a recently converted vegetarian turned non vegetarian turned vegetarian…..I was a veggie since childhood (the only exception in the whole family clan) then turned into a non vegetarian in 2006 and then back to vegetarian in 2007!!!!! 😀

15. Fast food or fresh food?

Low Fat food!! D

16. Who would you most like to cook for?

Ummmm family and friends!! And I do that too!!! D

17. What would you cook to impress a date?

Hmmm…I did it on Valentines Day. Cooked complete meal- entree, main course and dessert…I made- Cheese Balls, Kashmiri Chicken, Kadahi Paneer, Corn and Peas Rice, Lachcha parantha and firni for dessert!!!! And I ensured I am done with cooking before my date arrived…I lighted up the dinner table and used aromatic oils!!! Table laying is equally important to cooking!!

18. Make a wish.

Ahhhhhh I wish everybody should taste my Lasagne sometime in life!!

19. I tag…

Umm the usual- no one!! 🙂

The loop closes here…….