Sakshi was finishing the soggy toast while lifting the crumbs carefully with the tea towel. The coffee pot had left a major stain and she wondered how would she take it out permanently. Arnab was looking for the other grey sock while tying the knot of his shiny black tie. Phula was cribbing about the new dish wash liquid and catching a glimpse or two at the new 50 inch LCD screen.

He asked Sakshi to help him out in looking for the other sock and cribbed at Phula’s constant cribbing. Phula retaliated by breaking his regular coffee mug and saying a deep oho. Sakshi snapped at her and told Arnab to look properly, he kept muttering something and went back to the bed room to find the mysteriously disappeared grey sock.

The toast was devoured avidly while seeing him tormented. She got up and kept the plate next to Phula. Finally she decided she will bail him out of his agony and told him to look for it in the dryer. Arnab was content and gave final nod to himself in the full length mirror and left home!

Sakshi was left alone. She was blank. The time was here – where she didn’t knew what to do. Go out and shop aimlessly or try a new recipe knowing convincingly that offcourse oh mumma hoti to aisa banaati. She thought may be she should change the floor plan and move furniture around but then Arnab didn’t notice the new sofa that was there in the living room that costed him a fortune. Art gallery had an exhibition on but then did she really cared about the art, she could have gone for the new skin refinement treatment but did she really needed one after the spa treeatment he had gifted to her just last week.

She looked at Phula and asked her – simply aur Phula kaisa chal raha hai. She smiled and said all is well and continued her work. She was so occupied, she had too much to do – organize the daily day and finish the house work before heading off to Mathurs.

Sakhi picked up the phone and called her friend Vaani. She was busy getting her tan removed after her fortnight holiday in Johannesburg and said she will call later.

Sakshi gave up trying to accomodate her blank day and kept sitting and enjoying the new Italian couch. She looked at that; she had bought it to compliment the sofa and the centre table. She knew it she was it – sitting pretty in the middle – being the centre of attraction but totally void of any substance or matter, just sitting coyly like a curio in Arnab’s showcase, a tag which he had tagged along to be taken to his clientele’s business launch parties or to the award ceremonies.

Sakshi was the vase!

She was the vase in Arnab’s life – totally pointless – bought to fill up random places in the living room without any urge to adorn it with some flowers or occassional ribbons.


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