First Look

She was shivering while holding the disposable coffee mug. He wanted to move the curled up tresses that were dripping rain drops in her mug. He knew doing that was sacrilegious. Then she looked up and smiled. He looked down to cease his presence just when he heard hi, can you please share your umbrella?


Story idea came after looking at the picture above(courtesy: Eternal Click of a Spotless LenseI saw, I captured).

That first look of love is inked on our heart forever. What was your first look of love like?  Share.


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Tumhein hai pata, maine pehli baar jo dekha tumhein, Mujhe yeh laga chahun bhi to kaise pa sakunga Tumhein, Sapna tha ek din to main hoon tum ho Tum dheere se bolo, Tumko apna mana hai, Dekho hona hai Aur kya?

45 thoughts on “First Look

  1. When I read “He knew doing that was …….” I was like WHAT??? sacrilegious?? I will never know something is that (sacrilegious) unless I have dictionary at hand. (just expressing my lack of vocab 😀 )

    • HAHAHA. That my dear is classic. I just had a big smile. Well its not the big words, it is indeed the emotions in the post and you convey them pretty well.

      This is a 55er so sacrilegious conveyed the emotions in the best-est way possible.
      Thanks for you comment(s).
      Cubby ki bachchi 😛

  2. “He knew doing that was sacrilegious. Then she looked up and smiled.”

    Those are the lines everyone can relate to in some form or the other at some point in life. The little moment sometimes is that precious and stands out that one would like to put it in different category compared to rest of the life. Again, excellent work in capturing it in to words. Keep the good work going !

  3. Nice post…
    But, first look of love? As far as I’m concerned, I don’t believe in “love at first sight/look” if that is what you’re asking… it happens over a period of time, I guess.

    • It may not necessarily imply look of love. But sometimes, a face catches our eye and we feel certain things. Has it ever happened to you? That you saw a face and it kinda got stuck in your mind and you felt lost for a moment? Thanks B.

  4. aankhon hi aakhon mein ishaara ho gaya, bethe bethe jeene ka sahara ho gaya..

    some people always manage to touch our souls with their words, and believe me.. you totally do that, M!

    there’s this perfection in your way of writing.
    your stories are perfect.

    keep writing <3, there's someone in Europe who loves your stories. I do 🙂

    Xx. Manisha

  5. aww .. that was so sweet !! Sadly i do not have anything from my life to share as first look / words of love !! But maybe some day i will 🙂

    wishes for a bright year 2011 !

    • The girl could have been a beggar as well. I like the way you think differently. The disposable coffee mug although somehow established the fact that she is not a beggar.

      Yes I can’t agree more, ‘ a little act of kindness makes the day.’

      • Actually I thought she was begging using a disposable coffee mug/cup, getting wet in the rain because she has no shelter or umbrella and that few moments of respite from rain under the umbrella are more important to her at that time than the money that people might throw in her cup.

  6. I am recently found the love of my life. The feeling is unmatched. The first feel of love for me was when he looked in my eyes and said…you are everything one can ever dream of.
    It took me and the better half 5 years to realize we were looking for each other. Hearing the simple but heartfelt words made the time around me freeze.

    Thank you MD for the lovely thought.

  7. loved it. just loved it.

    The first look of love? – saw her from the other side of the road….and wasnt able to cross the road thanks to traffic..and when I did went up to her…I told her – Hi! and went back home

  8. Since you made the effort to tag me with the link, I’m obliged to share mine, it’s good that I had this written already 🙂

    “One of those girls standing there, which he recognized as Pavani – the topper, the completely out of his league girl – waved and smiled at him. This was one of the defining moments of not only his college days but his entire life, that might seem like a gross over-reaction to a simple gesture as someone waving at someone, and it was. But it wasn’t just a smile, in his eyes it was a gesture from an angel of kindness, the way she looked, her hair flowing in the air – the kind smile that seemed to say “why don’t you come here and talk to me? I want to know what you’re all about”. This was the beginning of the downfall. In that moment, He knew that he was completely and utterly lost and ultimately shit out of luck. The world seemed to tilt on its axis for that brief moment and everyone around them seemed to fade, time stretched to what seemed like an era, just standing there and staring at that smile like a fool, he was in a trance, hypnotized and paralysed.”

    • Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Sounds like an episode out of my life where the topper me kept waiting for him to come and actually say hi. He never did. I hope you didn’t make the same mistake.

      • Not on that day, I didn’t. I kept missing my chances, chances served to me on a silver platter, again and again. Eventually, we did become friends, or something like friends. But the ending is always bad. Being shy, and reluctant to do anything about it, coupled with an irrationally low opinion of self is always a bad combination. But hey, sweet memories, and helped me fill out a novel, so can’t complain 🙂

        • No mistake ever goes to the bin. We always end up learning something and un-learning something (sic). Psssst sounding like Deepak Chopra here. 😛

          As for having irrationally low opinion of self, I don’t see any reason why have one? I think you are awesome. But that’s just me. 🙂 I can think what I want and let others perceive what and how they want things.

          Good luck for the future servings on the silver platter. 🙂

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  10. Umm.. i think this shud nt be a 55er…u r doing injustice to mankind by restricting d story only till here. I m sure everyone wud love to know what happended next. Did they share the umbrella? N d coffe? N their life? The suspense is nt always good. I think on public demand u shud complete this story. 😀

    • Thanks P. What an encouraging comment. Yeah I agree picture is really great. All thanks to eternal click. Really nice photo blog. You must check it out too.

      Kudos to you P. You are a rock star.

  11. You read something and you know something stuck you. You dont want to say anything but you know why are you smiling.

    Beautiful piece of work. Made my morning.

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