Minions to Destiny

To have an awareness of what we want and how we are going to attain it is a complex plan that we all should have. One may ponder over the current path of life and question the legitimacy of the path it has taken. One day we want to be away from confines of routine and follow our adrenaline rush and the other day the protective embrace of monotony makes us excited with a single word of acknowledgement. Are we too lazy to rebel against the options life throws at us or are we minions to destiny? Sal was too engrossed in avoiding these questions.

Each day Sal performed with other students. He often forgot his lines and joked over his age. Other students ignored his antics and didn’t say much as they respected him for his craft. Sal performed while breathing under the skin of his character. The faculty and old students kept debating what stopped him from making it big in life.

Ray silently observed Sal and while exasperating, he questioned his own talent. He contrasted the paths Sal and he had taken. He probed the purpose of enrolling in the institute. He was given a time frame of six months to learn and absorb as much as he could. Sal was his creative threat and creative inspiration. Within next two months he was to be launched. Expectations and comparison to his stalwart family were least of his worries. What constantly pinched was the fact that he knew he was not made for the craft. Sal’s techniques made him wonder if this is what he really wanted.

Being naturally talented often demands the need for being in the right place and at the right time. The constant introspection of ‘was this the original plan’ is a terrible way to spoil evenings and nights. Even after mastering a craft for years, one may get the nervous pangs. The pangs poke fun when we face continuous rejection. Was Ray right in pursuing an art he was not made for but destined for? Was Sal right in pursuing an art he was made for but not destined for?

Sal silently observed Ray and while exasperating, he questioned his destiny. He knew Ray had no innate traits but the acquired trait of his family name over weighed any other flaws in his career path. Within next two months Ray was to be launched. The sting of jealousy bit Sal but didn’t encourage him to fight with the routine. There were some moments where he gathered and absorbed the notion of self-belief that he was better than him. Such moments quickly withered away whenever he saw Ray’s name in the newspaper. Sal continued to act.

Both were leading each other’s life swapped as a terrible joke. Both of them kept wasting evenings and nights fighting with the ghosts of past’s plans.

Why most of the times we end up being the mediocre person? Why fame eludes those who escape the luck line? Why do we keep hanging on the hope for that one chance that will re-write our destiny? Why is that most of the times we keep being the average person people notice but don’t know about?

Why is that we lack the awareness of what we truly want and how we are going to attain it? Sal was too engrossed in avoiding these questions.

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63 thoughts on “Minions to Destiny

  1. On this I have wrote once , whatever good will happen we can neva stop contrasting our life with past. This is our human nature we are not open or adaptive to something new in our life. Hence we keep comparing ourselves with odas and try to find self within certain boundaries. Once we realize the worth of being self we regret what we have done and nailed what we r and what we will achieve.

  2. A very beautiful post ! Something to which all can relate to 🙂
    You are a wonderful writer, i must say !
    Had marked to read this post long back but somehow missed it before. But its never too late, is it ? 😉

  3. I have started believing in one fact that God has pre-decided things for everybody..
    Waqt se pehle aur kismat se aage kuch nahi milta.. No body is contended with hat he has right now ,but the opponent would look at you and think you have so much and wonder y u not happy..and vis-a-vis.

  4. Loved to read it 🙂 simple questions are the most difficult ones at times. They are also so timed that we find ourselves sunk in them

    • Yes. The simplest questions are the ones that are most difficult to answer. And we spend many evenings and nights fighting with their simple complexity.

  5. Good one.
    Maybe its luck, fate whatever that makes us achieve our dreams, success.
    Once Bill Gates was asked what he considered his biggest achievement.
    Was it his company?
    Was it his first software?
    In olden days Mehak’s style scroll down.

    His having a happy marriage and kids who have been brought up normally.

    Watch this movie: Shortcut to happiness-

    ignore the Christainity sermon. Who cares about relegion.

    The movie has the answer to your thoughts.

    • Aah interesting movie recommendation. Thank you.
      Yes. I can’t agree more with Bill Gates’s answer. Inner peace and happiness solves most of the questions that Sal is avoiding.

      Also, please reveal your identity dear friend. Is it Raghu?

  6. Avoiding is the easiest way out but sometimes it becomes one of the most brave decisions.
    Loved the line of thought.

  7. Very well written. I specially have liking to this line “Right Time at Right Place”…

    Coming to me…I believe in things will come to you if they are meant to be yours..Just keep on learning/working.May be im too engrossed in comfortable life (read monotonus life).

    Anyone one of us can easily relate to your posts.

    #NP Kal bade zor ki yahan barsaat hui 😀 #youremember

  8. Pleasure reading this interesting post. All the questions have subjective answers; sometimes no answers. Thought provoking.

    Looking forward to more posts, keep going. Best wishes.

    • Thank you Jayshree. One who has the answers is the one at self actualization stage.
      Thank you for the comment. Keep visiting. Bless you.

  9. ofcourse a nice post and the best part is that everyone can relate to the words and feel that this is what he/she experienced at some time of his/her life.

    sometimes life forces u to take decisions against your will because of the circumstances at that very moment and this broadens “the gap” between what u liked to do and what u are doing right now. but still some determined people fights towards converting their hobby to passion and finally to their profession and emerge as the person who will not be having any grudges about certain decisions in their life. and one of the major contributor for this is their consideration of people, already in that business, as a source of inspiration rather a reason for jealousy.

    • Very nice comment. I agree few people who are brave ‘fight’ to pursue their passion. It takes courage to follow dreams.

      Thank you. You wrote this comment so well.

  10. I had once told my friends and family.. “would you want me to be happy or would you want me to be rich?” they were speechless. I’d quit my professional life for my passion.. and I am making the best of it. I am happy. It takes time. Its a seed, it takes a long for it to become a plant. 🙂
    But Mehek what joy reading your blog ya.. lovely work.. and killer lines.. specially “Why fame eludes those who escape the luck line?” :))

    • Kudos to you for being so courageous. Wish I get courageous too.

      And thank you for boosting my spirits sky high. Feeling motivated to better myself. Gracis.

  11. Loved this post. You put down what I often ponder so beautifully. I fear that one day when I am done living, will I die with the satisfaction that I did what exactly my purpose and passion was or will I be on the deathbed hoping if only I had stuck to the initial plan…

    Life is full of contradictions…. Sometimes it feels it is all about going & getting what you want in life but then, sometimes it feels like we are mere puppets in the hands of destiny… Guess, we will never have the answers to these questions.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Shruti. I cherish your first comment on my blog.

      I learnt this thing from dad – enjoy life and each day. He kept saying that he will enjoy life once he is retired. He will travel all around the world with mom.
      I am trying to do this for him.

      A life well lived is one without any regrets.

  12. Cliches are cliches for a reason.
    We are witness to the age old cliche: the grass is always greener on the other side.

    Behind those smiles, behind that glamor and joy there lies a story. Not always a happy one. But there’s a story.

    There’s always a story.

    • Yeah, there’s always a story. We can only perceive and retain what we think is right in our mind. Peer parayi jaane re!

      Like your insight. Thank you SRV 🙂

  13. To me this story seems to be of two persons who not only see each other as their competitors, but are also fighting their own personal demons. Overcoming one of these will make us rise above being the average person who everybody knows but fail to recognize. My belief is that we must always concentrate on what we’re good at. If Ray and Sal can realize what they’re good at, they will stop looking at each other as rivals. It will then be a big relief for both of them. They’ll then be able to settle their own insecurities and move on to enjoy life.

    • Thank you CMG 😀 Being good at what you do is necessary but still that one opportunity is needed that will ensure us we are not wrong in following our pursuits.

      Lovely comment.

  14. “Be at a right place at the right time. But since you can never know what a right time is, you should just find out a right place and hang around” ~~ Bill Watterson.

    Good post. Well put across.

  15. Best thing about the post is that I can joke about (read: relate to) my Engg life. I’ve seen people attaining things which they were never meant to be, and others. Sigh! No, I’m not talking about myself. I might be wrong in interpeting the post but luck ‘does’ plays a crucial part. ‘Right place – Right time’ – Profoundness!

    As usual, your writings are super whistle podu M. Keep writing! \m/

    P.S. – Does following you at the right time, right place( on twitter ) count? 😐

    • I also relate this post to my experiences at the uni and classmates (those family business kids buggers!!) 😛

      You are doing great in life P. Shine On.

      And yes whistle more.

      P.S. – Yes it does. Immature kid. OBC Quota 😀

  16. Nice Post.
    You pretty much summed it all. Destiny/luck etc plays some role but the important thing is mastering that whatever thing you are good at..
    Fight exists only because you are not satisfied with your ability or recognition of your ability& unsatisfied mind brings change around..
    Keep Writing. 🙂
    PS: You deserve lichis :p

    • Thank you Sambha. Yeah most of the troubles in life are thanks to unsatisfied mind.
      Thank you for the comment.

      PS: Oooh lichies 😀

  17. Very well written. I think what we all want is a change. Something we can swing back and forth between. Being monotonous could be the root cause of it. We don’t have many examples where someone went by the gut feeling and attained that much sought state of ultra happiness. For instance, assume that an XYZ is a corporate sort of person but wanted to be a painter; still does it but not enough, only if time permits. Is there a guarantee that if he breaks the shackles and becomes one the most well known painters, he will have satisfaction, happiness and all. No one knows what the odds are. It might be the case where he just has to find the right balance between the two. So that if one starts getting on him, he can move to the other for the important word change. It could be as simple as doing both things in the right quantity. Again this is just an opinion. History knows, many came and went by pondering over the all important question, the very motive of human existence.

    Great post, related to the lives of most of us. Keep Writing.



    • Hi K, brilliant take on the post. No one knows what the odds are. Indeed. Striking a balance between passion and monotonic tasks that give us bread and butter is good idea. I guess that’s what I am also trying to achieve through this blog.

      Lovely outlook.


  18. I’m just amazed at how you managed to put this across so well. Only talent no longer makes the cut these days. The lines “Being naturally talented often demands the need for being in the right place and at the right time.” take the cake. Frankly speaking, I’ve felt this was, by far, the biggest hurdle that most people face. Brilliantly penned down…

    • Thank you. I have felt it too. Specially those class mates who were into family business. I am not jealous of them. Somehow I pity them in a far corner of my heart. In the end talent will keep you going. Luck line fades slowly with each genuine review from the masses.

      Thank you once again.

  19. Exactly what I’ve been thinking for a long while, and could never explain it as well as you did. Loved the way you explained the contradictions through an equally engrossing narrative.

    Makes me think, every successful man is what he is today just because he was at the right place at the right time? How unfair. And poetic.

    Your posts keep getting better! 🙂

    • I think one may get an initial platform for being in the right place and at the right time but in reality it is your real craft that matters. If you don’t have it in you fate line will leave you too.

      Thank you Pradyut for the kind words. This story was inspired from few real -life incidents. Keep commeting 🙂

  20. Engrossing!

    The gist lies between “was not made for but destined for..” and “was made for but not destined for..”

    Let’s just assume that Ray got luckier but still in his mind he knows he’s not as crafty as Sal. And that’s a far bigger recognition for Sal provided he continues to be better than Ray. No wonder Sal doesn’t like to be intrigued by questions he can’t answer and does what he does best!

    Keep writing M. It is only getting better and better every single time you click Post Now button.

    • Thank you so much Anna. Believe me your comments are encouraging and thrive me to better myself each time and every time.

      I agree as long as you are confident about your craft sooner or later the opportunity will come knocking on your door. ‘Kamyaabi khud jhakk mar ke piche aayegi’.

    • Thank you. For the comment and the ego tickle. I am walking in clouds 🙂

      I will keep them coming as long as I have you and other spectacular people encouraging me.

      No, I am not getting influenced by them. Anurag should rather make a film based on this story. 😀

  21. Nice blog.

    These questions have haunted me for majority of my life too but it stopped bothering me the day I decided to be content with everything I own/experience. Destiny, fate, luck, charm, hard-work, dedication, priorities, principles etc etc are all connected in one way or the other & you can nullify all by accepting one simple fact – “Not every human is born equal.”

    Every person has a specific aim in life & once they achieve it, they would rather sit back & relax. Others might think that he/she is wasting their talent/oppurtunities but guess what – they are happy being exactly where they are in life!

    • There is always that ONE comment in all my posts that totally make the whole point of writing that post a moot point.

      Yours is once. Thanks for your lovely first comment on the blog.
      It has helped me answer few of my questions. Heartfelt thank you.

  22. The fight goes on…always and forever.

    It is sometimes the inherent cowardice and comfort of something which is ‘set’ rather than something for which the bones will have to do a bit of exercise.

    I can’t comment on it any further because I am still fighting….and as you would say…I am avoiding any decisions…

    A post I could relate to, M

    • //It is sometimes the inherent cowardice and comfort of something which is ‘set’ rather than something for which the bones will have to do a bit of exercise.

      Nailed it. I am avoiding any decisions too. And we have a club here.
      Thank you for your comment R. Good to know I am not alone.

  23. MD!

    We keep fighting this all our lives. Some of us rise above self-doubt and risk it all, while others (like me) watch it all unfold with too many questions 🙂

    Interesting post…

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