A Very Happy Birthday Indeed

This year we decided to bring in my birthday in Samui. We have been travelling since August. Sydney-Auckland-Bangkok-Delhi-Bangkok-Samui. I am tired of living out of suitcase since November last year.
A told me a table has been booked in the restaurant downstairs for birthday dinner. I was reluctant to dress up as I was tired after hitting the pool and beach. To top it all, Aryan had been a riot and I was totally flustered. But A convinced me to dress up saying that he likes it when I am all dolled up. So whilst the twins went on a stroll with their dad I went onto deciding my look for the night.

After being dressed up and collecting all the compliments and mesmerized looks from the three boys, we ventured downstairs. Suddenly A disappeared keeping me waiting. I hate waiting. I hate minor gripes. I am infamous for getting upset because of minor setbacks.

Mister returned only to usher me towards the stairs and then to a path where I saw a romantic setup done tastefully (Demanding when it comes to aesthetics). Organza (my favourite) covered canopy, candles, elegant floral setup, soft music and lots of plants all around – RIGHT ON THE BEACH. Best part – he tells me there’s a babysitter.

The babysitter came and took the babies away who were comfortable and yawning in their stroller. As I walked towards the organza pergola I noticed rose petals on my way. A private butler welcomed me. And then? FIREWORKS. Skylit full moonlight. Don’t judge me but I LOVE FIREWORKS.
Then we lit a candle in the hot air balloon and I made a wish for my Papa and thanked god for my two little angels.

We made a wish and two came true

Enjoyed a personalized five course meal after raising a toast and sipping champagne. Mister had discussed the menu in great details with the chef and I loved everything.
Towards the end we got the twins and then I cut the cake with my boys whilst the birthday song played in the background.

This year’s birthday had everything perfect right from the morning. I woke up to a great view, ate breakfast by the beach, plunged in the pool where the twins took their first dip. I went solo for a walk on the white sandy beach. Finished a book. Sipped piña colada by the pool (my favorite).

Contemplated and organised several thoughts. Reminisced about the difficult last years that took toll on me physically and mentally.

I looked up in the sky as the waves gushed through my feet and soaked my sarong. I felt glad to be alive – a feeling I had forgotten for the longest time.

Who needs therapy when one can take a holiday?

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